It’s you

It’s you

Album: It's You (Acoustic)

Released: 2017

Producer(s): Happy Perez; Pop Wansel; Sam Wish; Adriano

Recorded: 2019

Label: Li$n; Warner

According to Gatie, "It's You" was written in 15 minutes. The song was written about his feelings for a girl. Speaking on the conception of the song, he said he was "just feeling the words in that moment and speaking from the heart". The night he wrote the song, he played it on his Instagram Live and people reacted positively to it, recording it and uploading the recording to YouTube.The song quickly gained huge popularity and Gate attributes this popularity to the "big impact" the song had when it was officially released.

Gatie said the song is about "being vulnerable and trying not to let the fear of heartbreak overcome the joy of love". Billboard described it as Gatie "somberly pleading for a second chance at love despite his jaded past".

(Source: Wikipedia)