Beautiful People

Beautiful People

Featured artist: Khalid

Album: No.6 Collaborations Project

Released: 2019

Genre: Pop

"Beautiful People" is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran featuring American singer Khalid. Atlantic Records released it on 28 June 2019, as the third single from his fourth studio album No.6 Collaborations Project (2019). It peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart in July 2019, becoming the second single from the album to reach the summit of the chart.

The official music video accompanying it was teased a day before its 28 June release.[10]

In the music video, the film opens with a mousy, average-looking couple waiting in line with their luggage at a small airport. After being approached by a pair of airport personnel, they are directed to a long white limousine waiting outside. The couple hesitantly enters the limousine, where they eat snacks they packed and notice other fancy cars driving past them, apparently heading to the same destination.

As the video continues, the couple find themselves at a series of fancy, expensive places filled with beautiful people: a pool party beside a mansion, a yacht filled with models, a fashion show, and a house party. Surrounded by wealth, indulgence, and beauty, the couple reacts to everything with cautious interest, but spend most of their time focused on each other.

At the end of the video, the couple flies home on a private plane, and upon landing at the airport, they are offered a ride in a nice car. The couple decline, take hands, and head for the airport bus instead.

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