Don't check on me

Don't check on me

Featured artists: Justin Bieber, Ink

Album: Indigo

Released: 2019

Genre: R&B/Soul

With the release of Indigo less than three days away (June 28), Chris Browndelivers a final single in one of the more anticipated collabs on the album. C. Breezy croons alongside his "Next to You" collaborator Justin Bieber and Ink over the guitar-laden "Don't Check On Me," which released on Tuesday morning (June 25).

Brown revels in heartbreak throughout the mellow tune's chorus. "Your head and your heart won't feel the same/ Even if it feels like it every time/ Don't check on me if we're not together/ And it's probably for a reason/ Every heartbreak has its season/ It ain't always summer in June," he sings.

Bieber then takes the baton and peels back the layers of escaping a toxic relationship. "Might run across your mind but don't worry 'bout me, no/ My heart is back in one piece, it ain't skipped a beat, no/ Feeling rested up, I ain't missing sleep, no-oh/ Don't take it personal if I can't reply now/ I'm distant 'cause I don't wanna be reached now/ Won't let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down," he sings.

(Source: Billboard)