Men in Japan Can Now Breast Feed Their Babies

Well not really but they can now do it using artificial Breasts.

Well it is well known that the Japanese are always one step ahead of everyone in technology and now they’ve come up with another mind-blowing invention: Artificial Breasts. Manufactured by Dentsu and is called the “Father’s Nursing Assistant.” So, how does the invention work, well made from silicon and it’s built to look like an actual woman’s breast, also the yare filled with milk so it works like a normal breast. This latest invention of Japan let the men breastfeed their children so that they could take some load of the mothers for feeding the babies. Weird, right?

The device can also heat itself up and vibrate giving maximum comfort to the baby. In a press release, Dentsu explained,“Focusing on breastfeeding, we aim to decrease the amount of burden on mothers and increase the amount of time infants sleep by enabling fathers to breas tfeed.”

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